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Our mission at the Asterisk is to create a space where little pleasures and beauty can take centre stage; to build an atmosphere that allows you to step away from your stressful day and enjoy a refreshing drink, a delicious meal and marvel at the beautiful artworks surrounding you.

The Asterisk combines an Art&Antique gallery with a Bistro&Bar, where we serve authentic Italian coffees, all-day brunch and pan-Mediterranean cuisine, as well as a carefully selected collection of gins, whiskies and specialty cocktails.

Our Gallery offers objects and artworks from times gone past; objects that have been hand-crafted with utmost patience and skill. Experiencing these objects in the buzz of a café-bar brings them to life, puts them back into our everyday. We hope you will enjoy shopping our collection of antiques and that these objects will enrich your home.

We also hope that such unique surroundings will make your lunch or dinner with us into something truly special. We are proud to represent extraordinary contemporary artists such as Annemarie Petri, Stefan Osnowski and István Dukai.

“Asterisk” means small star in ancient Greek. An asterisk (*) is the symbol that points towards a footnote in the text. Footnotes – not the dreadful referencing kind – often tell a story of their own. A story that had no part in the pragmatic body of the main text, but still enriches it from the sideline. We believe in the little joys that can be found alongside our busy, pragmatic lives. They are important and essential to our well-being despite their marginality, just like footnotes in a text. The Asterisk invites you to indulge in these small pleasures of life – a rich coffee, a hearty breakfast, fine porcelain, venerable wood or sumptuous silk – to escape the mundane and the utilitarian and just enjoy the footnotes.

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café, bistro & bar

Enjoy freshly brewed, authentic Italian coffees and pick your favourite from our wide range of cakes and sweets. We also serve fresh, cold-pressed juices and healthy smoothies.

Join us for breakfast or lunch! Our menu features tasty brunch classics, gourmet grilled sandwiches, fresh salads and a careful selection of cheeses and dips. Our seasonal lunch specials are inspired by tastes and traditions from all over the Mediterranean.

Our Gin and Whisky bar brings life to evenings at the Asterisk. Treat yourself to a taste from our hand-picked selection of boutique gins and exquisite whiskies. Our bartenders are happy to help you create your own, personal Gin&tonic combination. Our cocktail list features gin- and whisky based classics as well as our very own cocktail creations in which teas are expertly paired with spirits.


our collection

We offer all kinds of beautiful objects from the past century; from cocktail picks to chandeliers, from ashtrays to coffee tables – useful and useless things that will enrich your home.
Our collection focuses on the Art Deco period (c. 1910s-1940s), but we also stock intricate Art Nouveau treasures, funky and bold objects and furnishings from the 50s-80s and more.
A variety of materials makes our collection interesting: Ceramics, glass, metal, wood, textiles and plastics.

Visit us at the Asterisk to browse unique vases and decorative bowls, cocktail utensils, figurines and bookends, lamps, mirrors, armchairs and much more – little and large items that might bring you joy!

All these objects are authentic antiques and vintages that elevate every space to something extraordinary.

We are passionate about Japanese art. The Asterisk has a comprehensive collection of meticulously crafted Japanese objects: lacquered wood, cloisonné vases, fine porcelain and rustic pottery, modern Japanese woodblock prints and our exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind cushions using the most extraordinary antique or vintage Japanese silks.

At the Asterisk we exhibit original prints from talented and accomplished contemporary artists; woodcuts by Stefan Osnowski, etchings by Annemarie Petri and silkscreen prints by István Dukai.

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